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Hairshirt (1998)

Production Company : Lunatic Productions.
Producers : Katie Wright, Dean Paras, Christian Campbell, Neve Campbell

Hair Shirt is a marvellously eclectic, sincere and whimsical romantic comedy for the nineties. It marks the directorial debut of Dean Paras, who wrote and stars in the film, with Neve Campbell.

Danny Reilly (Dean Paras) has always been "lucky in love." But love was never more than a game to him, one that frequently required a good deal of lying and dishonesty. For Danny, the thrill and victory of the hunt was his primary joy in any relationship. Unfortunately, guys like Danny usually leave a trail of hurt and resentful ex-girlfriends.

But the beautiful, somewhat overly trusting Corey (Katie Wright) may change the way Danny sees things. While it initially seems that Danny has found true love in his relationship with Corey, he turns out to be his own worst enemy. Under the negative influence of his old high-school pal, the irrepressible Pete, Danny soon slips back into his evil ways, and begins to fabricate more scams and deceits.

Complicating matters is Danny's ex-girlfriend and now Hollywood actress, Reneé Weber (Neve Campbell), and Danny's bizarre roommate Tim (Stefan Brogren), who is nursing a crush for Corey. Fate affords the spiteful Rene an opportunity to avenge Danny's grievances against her, and finds Tim eager to help.

Apart from Paras' superb understanding of his characters' emotions and deepest desires, Hair Shirt is blessed with an exceptionally talented group of young actors. Neve Campbell, Dean Paras, Katie Wright and Stefan Brogren, as the rambling, hyperintellectual, deliver performances that are both nuanced and hilarious. Dynamic music and bold direction further make this a lively, moving and funny film.

Michèle Maheux (Toronto film festival)

The movie, was showing twice September 12th and 14th at Toronto film festival.


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